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Tiny Empires: A Friend Indeed

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Yes – I have said goodbye to having my own family … but said hello to a fantastic new and improved seventh ranked family under my friend, Princess Jellybean.
I had initially welcomed her and her line into our family earlier this week (making us ranked 7th). Just last night, Jelly took the offer that she couldn’t refuse: The Royal Invite. She became her own family!! woohoo :)
Princess Jelly’s line is not unlike mine – it is filled with loyal and devoted friends!
Being a supportive friend rather than be rivals in the rankings – my line joined under hers. Together, we became, again, the seventh ranked family.
ahhhh its good to be home … again.
I truly am honored to have such a solid foundation network of friends … and to be apart of a family with the same core idea – Fun!


After the Honeymoon

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What to do after the honeymoon ? (Or as one of my nieces say – the Horneymoon) How does an SL couple keep the romantic burning? Sometimes just spending time together isn’t enough. Show your SLmate how much you adore them. Here are a couple of ideas that won’t break the bank:

-Dance under the stars by candlelight
Toss a pair of slow dance balls out and surround the area with candles. To enjoy the soft glow of the candles, change your preference to Nearby Local Lights under the Graphics Detail tab. And don’t forget to set your world to Midnight to view the SL night sky.
-Snuggle … often
Find a place that you both feel is not only quiet but relaxing and curl your arms around each other. It doesn’t have to be an exotic place – pick a beach or hop on your own couch. Make it a meaningful place.

-Enjoy a sunset
Go back to basics, realize you have a great friendship that grew into SLove. Talk, giggle … be together.
The recipe for all this magic to really take place:
-Ignore all IMs and local chat
-Use the new Voice feature in SL
-Set the land music to something soft and soothing like jazz, if you can.
-Take pictures to share. Rename the pics before sending to phrases that are specific to your SLove or to the moment.
– Be yourself!

Tiny Empires: We Are Family!

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In such a short amount of time, my Legion was able to create their own Family with Tiny Empires. I have a fantastic bunch of friends in my line that are loyal and do a fantastic job making us look good.
Really this is all because of the strong support system that we all created together. Maybe this might just be a short experience, or could be a long existence. Whatever it will be – it will a blast!!

Our Legion


I am still amazed

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I logged in tonight to find the skies above my house were set ablaze by this wonderful sunset:

Tiny Empires: I'm a Princess

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I finally made the ranking of Princess in Tiny Empires!!

Wanna know the ranking categories? Click here
Wanna join my leigon? Leave me a message here or IM me in world
I just saw my legion … and WOW!! Check it out


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