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KSU Journal: Party On!

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My day was typical … Machinima class and I trekked off campus for some shopping.

mmm really not that typical but it was a quiet day … not until that nite. Awesome beach party on Lake More Superior heated up the nite! DuckyfreshWatanabe spun some tunes and kept the party rollin’ until the wee-hours of the morning. Gawd I am going to be draggin’ tomorrow for class. What better way to say goodbye to summer!!


KSU Journal: Crazy & Lovin' It

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I have yet to attend class … but getting to know the social scene very well *grin* Breaking free from the Deltas was my best move so far. I joined the Tappas (Tappa Lotta Assa). Now is this the group that will help hold my legs during those keg stands or hold the Yard while I chugged. The charter reads:
Kindly State Universities underground coed, anti-greek social club. Our main function is to party, start parties, crash parties, be the life of parties, so on and so forth. We do no joining rituals, just have the right mindset, and you’re one of us, all you need is the will to be an animal!! We tap the kegs and tap the ass, and those in proper Greek groups finish last!

There seems to be a shortage of housing for everyone. As soon as any room is available, its taken within minutes! Thankfully I have this room for another two weeks. I do have a new roomie, Arienne Anatine, who happens to be good friends with Ducky … small world!! Ari seems like a fun funky chick that is going to make the semesters fly!

New Direction – New Flavor – Still Pink!

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By now y’all have realized I don’t blog about fashion anymore … I still utterly adore shopping, accessories, fashion and looking hawt *winks* but really … can’t write about it anymore. Don’t know why … maybe my tastes have changed, my my SLife has gone in a new direction or my wallet can’t take it… christ or maybe all the above – who knows *shrugs* On to bigger and hopefully better… regardless of this new path – its going to be me!

Tiny Empires
Wow! I haven’t blogged about this in a long time … where to start. Let’s see I would like to welcome new family members Madison Weatherwax and her line as well as Ivy Paderborn. I am hoping to host our first ever family party this weekend … altho I still have to count the votes. *hehe* This party is really for all of us to meet and greet the rest of the family. Come one, come all … Its going to be a great time and hopefull I will have a DJ!!

ahh I was finally on TV … I knew it was my destiny!! mmm really it was I in the background… I am just over her left shoulder. My friend duckyfresh Watanabe is the Host of SCLN’s “Thats S’Life” airing Thursday and Sunday at 4PM SLT. She did last nite’s show on the Kindly sim. Catch my web TV debut: (check it out while its still airing)

My 1 Year Rez Party
What a terrific first year … filled with friends, laughter, and yes tears. But all in all a terrific year! I am throwing a party to celebrate my first year!!! I am starting to get invites made and plans set … be on the look out if you are on my friends list you are surely invited!

**RL Snafu**
Just like Luna, the RL me is just as adorbale, loveable and yes sometimes stupid … I managed, all by myself, to slice into my middle finger while making a salad last nite. Hoping my finger wasn’t going to need stitches (I hate needles) but rather I left the ER as the proud new owner of 8 stitches and a huge gauzed middle finger that would make any road rager proud to give! No typing for me … but hey it wasn’t stated in the release note! :P


KSU Journal: Finally Free!

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Last nite had many unexpected twists for me … and finally I think this is going to be fun and excited semester!! Honestly it was the first nite on campus I actaully had a great time!

After standing around at the Delta/Kappa mixer, trying to meet new people, I realized that virtually all there already had friends they knew for a long time and many had dates. Not only did it make me miss Steves more but also made me realize its a Clique! I surely don’t want to be that rude ever to anyone by not making an outsider feel unwelcomed as I felt last nite. As I stood and stewed watching people suck face, drunkenly fall to the ground, or cat fight over the small amount of Kappas, I realized I don’t want to be apart of the Deltas.

I ripped off my Delta pledge pin and dennounced my pledge. Gawd that felt good!

Just outside of the gym was a small impromptu bonfire where I met three new and terrific friends – Mereille Despres, Abe Ruff and Duckyfresh Watanabe. Mereille seems to be a quiet shy chick with a wild side just waiting to com out, I just know it! Abe, well, he’s just Abe (I think his dorm room is padded, but hey that’s why I like him!). Now Ducky, she’s wild and crazy … she talks the talk and walks the walk. Why do I have a feeling that I am going to get expelled from KSU!?

The nite was filled with Abe trying to roast his nuts (aka jump over the bonfire) or take me back to his room, stealing a campus police vechile, Ducky streaking thro the Greek mixer, and me nearly peeing my pants from laughing so dam hard!

I love KSU!!

Photo courtesy of TheDiva Rockin … oh yea she so rawks! thanks again!


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