Tiny Empires: Federation

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“Tiny Empires: Federation is an add-on to Tiny Empires. The TE: Federation hud replaces your old Tiny Empires hud, but you will still play in the same empire as everyone else. You can still interact with players who do not have the add-on, but they will not have any of the new features available to them.” Yesterday logging into SL, I was greeted to an offline message that mentioned this “update” for Tiny Empires. After a quick conversation with him, a received the notecard about the add on. I asked around about it… many have yet to hear about this new feature.

This morning, I ran over to the update center and purchased if for myself. The “offers” you receive are much more game play verbage then the typical yes/no questions. Still the game game but more driven like an adventure role-playing.

I do enjoy Tiny Empires: Federation so far … and you know me, I will surely give my opinion if I change my mind!

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