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Yeah I know I have been totally slackin’ in the blog post department … altho my rate of new posts has been on an increase *insert cheesy grin here*

So I got the new Federation HUD for Tiny Empires … and umm yeah … lost all my gold and my “citizens” either died or left town (hell I would too!). The HUD at first was exciting, lots of new “adventures”, cool “upgrades” for my castle… and then I realized I spent nearly 3.5 million gold in just over an hour! Then it hit … a Famine! *zoinks!* What the heck caused that!?!? To help my faux kingdom its gonna cost how much?! That’s when I really regreted the new marble columns for the castle and beautiful lush gardens!! I knew I should haven’t done it since the marble wasn’t pink … I sooo knew it! So long sad story, short … I asked the creator for a reset in game (super nice guy too!). *hangs her head* My mini kingdom went back to the pixels they game from … and I am back to ye old TE HUD.
You are reading the blog of one fo the first students at Kindly State University!! Yup that’s me – a college student! Maybe this time around I can finally perfect my keg stand! I was so excited to see the group invite to join the University … and then to see I was only the third or fourth person in the group. As of tonight, there are 31 students (and quickly increasing!). The sim is yet to be opened … but they are accepting applications on a first come first serve basis. OMG, don’t ask what I put on my application *closes eyes and smiles to herself* Don’t know what KSU is all about … read one of my fav blogs – Mean Girls Guide to SL .

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