KSU Journal: Catch Up!

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As soon as I got my acceptance to KSU for the freshman semester, I packed my bags and loaded up my brand new Mercedes that Daddy gave me. The campus was bustling with students, my dorm was already packed. I found a room that was compoletely unoccopied that didn’t face the street. Since there is no elevators, the first floor was the way to go.

To celebrate the first day on campus, I headed over to the bonfire hoping to meet people. The parking lot was filled with the usual suspects – cheerleader-wanna-bes, pot-heads, and those just wanting to look cool. All in all it was a great time filled with beer, dancing and the occassional scent of sweetness when the wind blew in my direction. ;)Just yesterday, my roommate, Elizbeth, moved in! She seems very nice … I am looking forward to a great year with her! I am pretty well settled in my room at this point. I do keep changing a few things and rearranging the bed … ok so I am not really settled in but hey I have all semester to figure it out! For now its kicking back on my bed with my headphones beltin’ out the tunes!!The 14th Annual KSU Harvest Festival started this morning and is lasting all day. The street is closed off and decorated with straw bales, bobbing for apples and *omg is that* a Kissing Booth! (don’t worry, Steves, I will be good! :P) Besides all the activities, its the chance to pledge one of the two greek houses on campus and pick up cool KSU logo stuffies. Of course, I pledged Delta Zomma Omega! Where else will I find people like me on campus?!
There is talk about classes opening soon… I guess will have to sign up for something. I am more interested in people watching and figuring out what to wear … but I guess spending time in class will be fine. *sigh*
Steves has dediced not to join me in college … so I am off to meet more people.

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