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After being off campus all day, I needed some relaxing “me” time. I tossed on my most fav comfy lounge pants and climbed into bed. After laying there, counting the dots on the ceiling and listening to the chatter in the dorm, I realized my bed sucked. Time to go shopping! I hopped in my new Mercedes and drove around to the local furniture stores. Let’s be honest the tiny farming towns that surround KSU aren’t exactly Park Ave. *sigh* Finding nothing and feeling frustrated, I decided on this “build-your-own” option. After two hours, three broken finger nails and using words that would make a sailor proud, my bed was finally ready to use.

Yes me, I built something! No I didn’t bride someone to help or even ask for help! I would say it would make my parents proud … but really my father would have been upset that I didn’t outsource and my mother would be angry that I was now slightly sweating and in much need of a manicure. I guess this is what college life is about – learning about yourself … right?!

At any rate, I do have to dig through my closet for a cocktail dress. Tonight is the first Greek mixer! I have no date (since Steves didn’t join me at college … I miss him so much) and I don’t know a soul on campus as of yet. The event should be a great experience and hopefully I will have a dance partner or someone to talk to … here’s to hoping!

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