KSU Journal: Finally Free!

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Last nite had many unexpected twists for me … and finally I think this is going to be fun and excited semester!! Honestly it was the first nite on campus I actaully had a great time!

After standing around at the Delta/Kappa mixer, trying to meet new people, I realized that virtually all there already had friends they knew for a long time and many had dates. Not only did it make me miss Steves more but also made me realize its a Clique! I surely don’t want to be that rude ever to anyone by not making an outsider feel unwelcomed as I felt last nite. As I stood and stewed watching people suck face, drunkenly fall to the ground, or cat fight over the small amount of Kappas, I realized I don’t want to be apart of the Deltas.

I ripped off my Delta pledge pin and dennounced my pledge. Gawd that felt good!

Just outside of the gym was a small impromptu bonfire where I met three new and terrific friends – Mereille Despres, Abe Ruff and Duckyfresh Watanabe. Mereille seems to be a quiet shy chick with a wild side just waiting to com out, I just know it! Abe, well, he’s just Abe (I think his dorm room is padded, but hey that’s why I like him!). Now Ducky, she’s wild and crazy … she talks the talk and walks the walk. Why do I have a feeling that I am going to get expelled from KSU!?

The nite was filled with Abe trying to roast his nuts (aka jump over the bonfire) or take me back to his room, stealing a campus police vechile, Ducky streaking thro the Greek mixer, and me nearly peeing my pants from laughing so dam hard!

I love KSU!!

Photo courtesy of TheDiva Rockin … oh yea she so rawks! thanks again!

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