How Many Degrees of Seperation?

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As large as SL is we all really do know each other … its just a matter of meeting that one person to connect you back to friends you already know.
For instance, several months ago, I worked as a hostess for a small dance club and I would usually tp in my friends. One nite not being anything different from any other, I tped in a bunch of friends who then tped in their friends … who I just happened to meet earlier that week on SLProfiles but never met inworld.
Now with Meme running through the blogging community like wildfire, I found so many writers of my favorite blogs tagging my friends making us connected by only one or two degrees between us.
Its almost freaky how often this happens to me. I do have to admit I honestly have an eclectic mix of people on my friends list ranging from SLebrities to an average person like me. Who would have thunk it that SL really is a small world after all!

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