Building, Building, Burn Out

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After searching a good portion of my day for this yummy beachfront property, I was exhausted. Really that was only the beginning! I spent the entire day building, rearranging, and occasionally shopping (amazingly not for clothes!) … mainly for furniture and turtles. Yes I have turtles… my place needed a little something cute. Pheobe even named them – Rocco & Roxanne. Now if I can just get a beach garden created *cough* Dax! *cough* I think my place will be set. Oh yeah I need to finish the inside … like I need a bed … maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep yet?!
It was rare that I left the sim except to find furniture. My neighbor stopped to say hello and introduce herself (she’s pretty nice). Even a newbie fell from the sky … why do newbies fall from the sky on my properties?! He seemed pretty cool … I took him shopping and gave a few pointers. Other than the occasional IM, checking on my Tiny Empires HUD, or a few friends coming over – it was quiet … it feels so good to be back on the beach … where I belong.

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