When's Spring Again?!

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Since yesterday the snow started falling … it looked so tranquil. Not until I left my house this morning did I start cursing this crazy sleety/snowy/rainy mix. Luckily, I am in a state where the snow isn’t too bad but we are sharing in the delight of heavy rains and ice. It’s a true joy to play bumper cars on the interstate.

Nothing is going well today. My commute to work (the whopping 7 mile drive) I managed to skid into someone’s yard almost taking out the mailbox. Slid around my company’s parking lot, I coasted into a spot on the end, I reached for my “spare” umbrella only to come up empty handed – so much for hair and makeup today!

At least my office is warm … sorta. Rant over ~ you may now return to your slives.

Pictured: Parker in snow for the first time 2006

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