My So-Called Alt Life

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Its no secret, I have an alt (or two) but who doesn’t now-a-days?! Both characters have been in game for about a year, and are in my land group and known within my group of friends. I hide nothing. Any visitor to any of my homes (the beach house or main estate), can easily see these alts. (Yes one is a guy … and is a “ken doll”).
I use the female alt as my “spare closet” and the guy is just for giggles. Kinda interesting to shop the grid looking for men’s clothing as there aren’t nearly enough designers for guys!
Others, unlike me, create alts to “hide” from their SLife’s melodramas. I can’t blame those people, as long as they aren’t creating havoc in that av’s wake. The identities created to due harm to others is inexcusable. Alt creation should be for a fun escape not to spy, spread slander or finger point under an assumed alias ’cause you want your main character’s reputation to remain pristine.
If you can’t make a statement as your original AV, then please don’t share your view point. There is no need to cause more drama … its like directing a movie where none of the actors have the script or a puppet master without strings.
*side note: Regardless of what alias is used, if it causes unnecessary drama, get all the facts and surely be ready for the backlash*

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