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Kings Bishop, March 17, 2008 – Jumping on the bandwagon of in-world education providers, the Public Sandbox Group has established a brand new Second Life building and scripting academy in the Kings Bishop region for users of the virtual environment.

Launched on March 10th, 2008, the PSG Academy provides free classes from basic to advanced levels for those interested in building and LSL scripting. With over ten years worth of collective in-world experience, the staff offers these classes in two-hour hands-on sessions, several times per week in a set timetable. Class schedules are available in the Kings Bishop campus and at each sandbox welcome area in Mauve, Columbia and Hyboria.

Not only does the PSG Academy cover the aspects of Second Life content creation most eagerly demanded by its users, it receives the same high quality resources as the Public Sandbox Group to provide a safe and secure environment for learning. The PSG Academy group is also available for free enrollment to allow rapid and widespread notification of class changes or event updates.

This brand new learning hub also hosts a continuously-growing resource center stocked with scripts, gadgets, builds and textures made available to the public in addition to classes and other events. These resources are intended for learning through hands-on application and reverse engineering.

The Public Sandbox Group marketing and promotional team aims to emphasize the importance of in-world education and plans to expand on the value currently offered to its sandbox users. As a firm believer that user-made and user-driven content is the key to any virtual experience, the PSG Academy will become a spearpoint project to bring the opportunity of self-creation and shared empowerment into the world of Second Life.

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