Maybe Uncertainty

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I’ve made and seen drastic changes lately.  What got me to write this is, me seeing good friends make their own changes. It ranged from cutting cards, unpartnering, and being hurt.  Dealing with losing someone close to you is difficult for anyone.  We all “mourn” the loss in unique ways.  Since my partner leaving game, even though we both knew his stay in SL would be brief, I haven’t been the same.  We had the greatest relationship. We lived each day as if it was the last – morbid but gawd it was probably the happiest time.

Yes I compare others to him and wish he was still here. Enough about that … its depressing.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m so not good at change.  I really can’t stand it.  And I can only achieve change in small increments.

I’m a fairly patient person, willing to work things out to a point. (Key phrase – “to a point”.)  When things become stale, I lose interest.  Also, when I’ve worked so hard to only get no where, frustration is apparent.  When nothing is given in return, its the signal to just move on.  Who wouldn’t?!

Moving on is change. Staying is accepting it as status quo. Maybe what bothers me most about change is the uncertainty of what’s on the other side.  Is the grass greener? Potentially not.  Will I be happier? … eh is there such a thing?

Being here (where-ever that is) is not getting me anywhere.  Saying goodbye and closing a chapter of my slife is insanely difficult.  It effects me.  Maybe its the word “goodbye”.  To me, its powerful. At the same time, maybe leaving that chapter will allow me to enjoy things and relationships again without interference.

What the heck am I trying to say … I have absolutely no clue.  Maybe I just had to see the words. Maybe its me asking for some type of forgiveness as this uncertainty makes me cranky.

goodbye – natalie imbruglia

3 Comments to “Maybe Uncertainty”

  • Chin up. Things will work out in the end and you know you have good friends that are willing to be there for you if you ever need them. Just say the word and they will answer. Remember this phrase and I am sure you will understand a bit more on your situation. Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. Give it time. Your actions will bring your happiness sooner then you think. Chin up and show that beautiful smile :)

  • *hugs*
    Change may bring loss but it also brings gain.
    New friends, new challenges, new idears.

    Still makes it hard to lose people that are close to you in any form so much much hugs to ya.

  • *hugs* thanks everyone … you guys are the best really.

    Its nice to have people check in on you … it makes me smile :)

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