*Review* RH Designs – The Wishbringer

Sure Rebel Hope Designs is known for gorgeous gowns … but did you know there isan equally stunning costume line?! “The Wishbringer” is her newest costume.  I was shocked to see how many pieces are apart of this design.  What really got my attention is the pose stage. This really showcases each of the pieces beautifully.  Using the stand, the non clothing attachments are highlighted.  The costume comes with a sickle and staff with a crescent moon.  As well as an orb to hold that is either with our without particles. I can’t forget to mention the soft feather like wings that seem to naturally cascade from the shoulders.

As for the clothing, each layer and attachment is very well crafted.  Not to be outdone but once revealed as the layers are removed, the bra and bodice that are left are simply sexy.  Each element, together or seperate, can play up any roleplaying or costume party.

I can’t say enough about Rebel or this costume.  The Wishbringer, I think, is one of her most elaborate designs yet … and really can only be a milestone in a remarkable career … and a stepping stone for much much more!

Rebel Hope Designs

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