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[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 4

Ahhh… another funky shopping trip with HALEY. After a long and strange week in SL, its good to spend some time with her.  We both understand that we have completely different tastes … but still have a common interest – Shopping (duh!) but gabbing, pose shopping and also love of colors.

Its so rare, ok never, do I wear my fav color, pink, head to toe.  For some reason, when HALEY is around, I find it so easily in my inventory. Yes, I know, I buy a ton of it. Have you seen me wear it like this?

HALEY had this party to head off to … well with her loving all things green (in case you couldn’t tell) she found her way to Bare Rose for a dress.  I think she ended up buy the Fat Pack … and sharing with me and other friends.

We giggled for days over this dress. The silly poofyness along was laughable. Really, its cute. I didn’t start to like it until I found those polkadot socks from LuLu and the color change hair from Eat Rice.  I swear Eat Rice needs more marketing-her designs alone rock… but the hair is awesome!!

Oh yeah, get close to the pic, see the stars? Armi, HALEY’s partner, sent them over to me. He’s a, ummm, particle engineer (ya like that I made up that title). He owns Electric Pixels which is an unusual particle shop. Love it! (Thanks Armi!)

Okay one last pic … but you have to check it out in HALEY’s flickr. She had to take me out this week, kicking and screaming. KIDDING, I love going … but isn’t that pose from Sugar Mill adorable?!  Plus I want everyone to see her talent … she has a *gasps* no photoshop policy. All her pics are unprocessed – ALL her pics!! (Told you we had different tastes!) hehe

Thanks again HALEY, always a trip to go shopping with you!!


*Review* SySy

SySy Chapman of SySy‘s sent over some of her latest releases.  I love her collection. It ranges from classy elegance to trendy chic to comfy casual. SySy has an amazing range of talent and isn’t afraid to show it off!

“Black Widow” (great name, btw) is perfect for the upcoming fall.  Yes, I know there is really no weather in SL, but I dress according to my own RL weather conditions.  I think Black Widow is going to be a fav for this upcoming fall.  The added bonus of the scarf really did it for me.  I love the skirt with the pant even the off-the-shoulder top … just love it.

Another great release is the capris and short sweater.  Both come in multiple colors … and will help make that transition into the upcoming cooler months. These items are sold seperately.



*Review* Skin Flicks – Zuwena Skins

Mavis McGettigan of Skin Flicksis on of the rare skin deisgners who I tend to watch.  I really enjoy wearing her skins.  Her tones and makeups are very natural and oh so sexy.  The latest release, Zuwena, is smooth with that photorealistic feeling.  I love the lip colors with the added dimension of the lip lining and a hint of gloss. The heavy lined, smokey eye is what really drew me to this new skin. It really makes my baby blues pop!

Everything from the collarbone shading to the nipples to the vajayjay is really perfected. I can’t find any seams or color tone issues.  Honestly, Mavis really had this set down to an art. I’ve worn the skin out on a few shopping trips and my friends have complimented the skin. I know I have used these skin in several posts alreayd (some have yet to be written). Still can’t beleive how much I love this skin.  More than her others in my collection.

Thank you Mavis for allowing me the opportunity to be complimented! <3

Skin Flicks

The skins featured: (click on the clicks to see larger)
Skin Flicks Zuwena Alluring Shadow Natural Beige
Skin Flicks Zuwena Majestic Shadow Natural Beige


*Review* Stitch by Stitch

Stitch by Stitch’s owner, Sevenstar Amat, has been hard at work in her sewing room.  Her latest two releases are so beautifully crafted.  You can almost feel the twill fabric and the crocheted accents.  Penelope features a pencil skirt with smooth lines.  I love that this really shows the female form. Pilar as the same feminine qualities with the asymmetrical ruffle around the waist.  The system pants lend very well to a stacked heel.  Its amazing all the detailing in the belts, cuffs and bodice. Simply excellent.  Thank you Sevenstar for sharing your hard work with me.

Stitch by Stitch

Style guide after the cut read more


Crap and more Crap

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  1 Comment

As a blogger, I immensely enjoy *Insert sarcasm* when other bloggers start their posts with lovely phrases like “When surfing the feeds” or “I recently found on the feed” or “The feed is something I take all my fashion advice from since I can’t think for myself”… ok I made up the last statement but its really not that far from the truth. I love the feed, don’t get me wrong.  It hosts a ton of talent!! Its a shame I don’t read it more regularly (I’m probably missing out on the newest fashion trends for sure).

Seriously, if you’re a fashion blogger – think for yourself. People don’t want regurgitated fashion ideas they have already seen on the feed. Be creative – think outside of the shoe box, please.

So to feed the feed with reposted crap … I’ve decided to post the All Famous, All Knowing and Mighty Mr. Crap Mariner’s *trumpet blast* parody of me – Read it here.

I love Crap’s crap … and saying crap and him responding. Love it!

Thanks for the long hard laugh, Crap!! How’s that new bunny suit treatin’ ya?!


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