*Review* Strike-A-Pose

For several weeks I’ve been drooling over these poses from Strike-A-Pose. As a complete surprise, I see this “accept”/”reject” box appear in the corner. I think ok its an incoming review. The Zelly Mornington instant messages me. We chat for awhile after I thanked her for the goodies. It took me some time (yes I’m dense) that she’s the one that creates these poses I’ve always wanted! *insert dance o’ joy*

I instantly tossed them in my pose stand. This featured set is from “Drew Barrymore”. What does that mean? Well, Zelly takes RL celebrity poses and recreates them in SL. She has a wide range of celebrities if a variety of poses. Even has a section for “limited time only”. Oh yea, remmy Madonna and Brittany’s kiss? She has it!!

I found her store, Strike-A-Pose, not only well organized but packed with pose sets and single option buy poses. The best part – they’re affordable. Gotta love it!


2 Comments to “*Review* Strike-A-Pose”

  • Drew has nothing on you Luna! :D

    Thanks. :)

  • aww thanks Zelly. I really love the Drew poses – totally cute and fresh!!

    If I could, I would eat up Drew with a spoon – I love her!

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