Thank you.

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I had this long winded nearly babbling post written that talked about adapting, evolving and healing. After editing the text, I had to walk away from it as it really hit hard. This post shouldn’t be about the past but about closure. Life in the past was, well, good. As an important date for my slife approaches, my week has been nothing but frustrating. I can’t roll over or fight any longer. Its time to heal.

I held on for too long even after phrases like “hold on” and “trust me” were spoken. Today, is the day, I let go … keeping the trust and closing this chapter of my slife. This is a long overdue journey.

People come at you fast and their roles in your slife will change. Others will drift away, only to resurface after time has healed the wounds. I did; however, find a remarkable friend, a potential light at the end of the tunnel and a new support system. I am so thankful to be surrounded by amazing people like these three.

Thank You – Dido

6 Comments to “Thank you.”

  • I found your web page from this post. how touching yet a little sad

  • I agree with Beulah. Touching and sad, but you do have a new support system. Good luck… <3

  • Luna,
    Closure. I agree. So many of us get lost in trying so much and fighting for something that was never there to begin with. Pain is the part of healing. Best of luck to you.

  • I think you are a really sweet person. If you ever need anything you can come cry on my shoulder. It’s big and cushiony like a pillow. <3

    We may not always talk but you are on my friendslist and very special and dear. I will always be available to piss and moan or celebrate with.

  • Thank you every one for the comments and concerns. Writing for me is, well, therapeutic.

    @Porsche You’re so right on. We still care for each other, that will never change.

    @Kess You’re so sweet. And the same goes for you too my sweet friend.

    Thank you again everyone. I really appreciate not only your care and concern but also the readership.

  • <3 Thank *you*

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