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[ Riddle ] Realistic Brights - True Blue

Riddle - Realistic Brights - True Blue

Lately, I’ve been handed some eyes to review.  On the flip side, I’ve usually worn the same two or three eyes fairly faithfully.  That is until now.  I’m pretty critical about changing something like my eye – shape or color.  There are a great many eye designers and only a few can really capture a depth of an eye or have an appropriate size that I like.

One designer who’s eyes I’ve been wearing more and more is [ Riddle ].  What I particularly like the prim eye attachments.  The eyes come with the eye itself (as we all know eyes to be) and then two different prim attachments.  These prims attach to the appropriate eye. First is the “curved” version (shown), this covers the entire eye’s mesh. The flat prim only over the iris.  I’ve seen [ Riddle ]’s eyes come in white and natural.  Natural has more of a blood-shot look.

DaneMarkZ Baby blues

DaneMarkZ just recently became into my review rotation and now in my eyeball collection.  DMZ just recently unveiled their new line of eyes.  I really enjoy the full eye shape and the color selections.  Each color is rich and dramatic.

Its not that one designer is better than the other in the post. It is to show the different styles there are on the grid. Sure they look almost the same as I close the pale blue tone. Once you see them on yourself or on someone else, really investigate.  Check out the iris coloring, how the eye fits in your shape’s eye and how they can change your overall look.

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