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Let me give you some back story on why I’m blogging about skins. I was chatting with a friend that I’ve now known for about a year.  I met him on the campus of KSU when I had white hair and wore (everyday, never changed) a Nevermore skin. Not that Nevermore is bad (Callie Cline wears them!). This is about the time I decided to change skins. Sure, I felt that I had every demo skin imaginable and was so over-the-top picky about just one.  It occrued to me, why have just one?! This is the beautiful of SL I can buy them all (and surely be broke at the end of that shopping spree).  It just got me thinking about what exactly do I have in that “Skin” folder.

In doing so, I realized I have a bunch of great skins that just never get photographed.  Just like you all, I have a bunch of favorites and old faithfuls in this folder.  Did you ever go back to check out those that you just don’t wear or even remember that you own them?

Now the flip side, I love doing skin reviews. Its a shame that some of the designers’ hard work doesn’t fully come through on a pic.  Most skins you have to demo or own to fully appreciate.  The amazing content and design of each skin really floors me. I often wonder how many hours it takes to create one skin, let alone an entire line.  I’m certainly not patient enough.  To have that level of talent to create enough variety and diversity is astonishing.

Of course, not every skin is for every shape nor should ever see the light of day agian. Maybe one day I will post a pic of my first ever purchased skin (nearly 2 years ago).  Not all freebie skins are bad either. (My prior post, I believe, shows a freebie skins.)  Thankfully skins have evolved … or perhaps my tastes?

Here’s a glimpse of a few I have in my inventory – so no review – just show:

Left to Right:
TaP Vivant Bronze Octobre 3
*AD* Timeless Show Skin
(DN) Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Vamp – Bewitch)
*~{Frick} Tan –  Dawn Starlight
LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Peaches Freckle
*blowpop* Tuesday Cinnamon [3c. Aden in Black#3] brun, frkl
<FA> Honey – Blush

Lingerie: *Shai * Adriana Lingerie Set – Plum

Special thank you to all the skin designers who have allowed me to review their wonderful work. :)

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