*Review* Canimal – new shoes!

Gothdamn Stilettos

Canimal Zephyr is one of the first designers I found and instantly followed when I began in SL. Her store, appropriately named, Canimal is on the short list of great stores for mini dresses. So cute, classic with a hint of urban edgie-ness. Now we all know her for her fabboo clothing, skins, and stuff. Did you know she does shoes?!
This week, she released two sets of yummy must-have shoes. What makes them must haves? Its the adorable factor – duh!
Both are scripted – yay!! Finally shoes that’ll match or mismatch with your style. The shoes are scripted independently. You will need to click each shoe to change the colors. So matchy-matchy doesn’t have to be an element. Check out the added touch of the miniskull – yes I said skull … and surprisingly I really like it!
Shock Value Stilettos is the first of the two. The shoe colors are black, pink, purple, red, turquoise and white. The scripty fun part is the color changing bow.
The second pair is called Gothdamn Stilettos. This shoe has more features – color changing bow *and* pattern changing shoe. Just like my pic you can wear either pattern or bow color. These stilettos have other added feature, the bow can be invisible. Without the bow (a scripted option), the cute maryjane style and lace with the skull really are still just as yummy.
Thank you Canimal for giving me the opportunity to review your items. Its really a pleasure to work with you.
Luna’s note: I needed to contact Canimal due to an error in my shoe’s script. She instantly wrote back to help troubleshoot the issue. After fixing the issue, my shoes were replaced the very next day, no questions asked. A designer is only good if they have stellar customer service skills – Canimal surpasses “good”!

Shock Value Stilettos


(no style cut since its Canimal goodness in the pics!)
Gothdamn Stilettos Pic:
Skin: Canimal – Fetish – UberTan – Love02
Dress: Canimal – love Suicide Top (dots) white
Hair: Arden – Colleen (DarkBrown)
Bangs: Arden – Milla Bangs (Darkbrown)

Shock Value Stilettos Pic:
Skin: Canimal – Fetish – UberTan – Love02
Dress: Canimal – Abaddon (new release as well)
Hair: House of Heart – Baby – coffee bean **NEW**

Pose Frames: Lost Angel

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