[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 1

As soon as I log in I find a fun IM saying to come dance.  After a not-so-great day, it was exactly what I needed.  HALEY Salomon is the Princess of Green (oh yeah she plays Tiny Empires too). Just like my slife is full of all things pink, her’s is green but on steroids, in a good way.

Anywho. HALEY and her friend, Brick, were wearing these cute pants.  I kept checking out these capris… then I asked “where’dya get ’em”. It was all downhill after that.

HALEY has this loveable personality and such an eye for fashion. I swear she can find anything!!  As a [Series], I would like to bring to you on occasion “Shopping with Haley”.  This [Series] will be about whatever stores or items she brings me to see.

First installment – torn plaid capris from Primitive Design called “fightclub reborn”.  Click on the pic to see the details.

Primitive Design is packed with tons of great items. So stroll to the middle of the store, to see all the different colors.  I did a quick cam of the store… tons of cool punky stuff. I even had a chance to pick up that tank. You might not be into this punky look, but the pants are adorable! The tank is very feminine and blends well with my wardrobe.

A big thanks goes to Brick for sitting with us :) Thanks HALEY for the great snap!! (Yeah she’s a photographer – and for hire!!).

2 Comments to “[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 1”

  • HALEY is an old friend and the BEST PERSON in Second Life.


  • She really is … I’m really happy that I am able to feature her here on the blog. Her style is so fun … and I love her pics :)

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