[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 2

I knew HALEY was near when I saw those cute little poofing stars when I TP’d in to start our shopping excursion.  After getting caught up on the chick chat and gossip, she points out this oh-so-yummy dress.  Yup, its that delish!

Before I tell you about this dress, first, lemme tell yas about the store, TOSL.  Its hidden away in a treehouse.  If you ever saw me inworld (highly encouraged to IM me at anytime!), you would have seen the cutest wedge shoes and puffy shirt.  I think I wore this for about a week off and on (between events, posts, beach activities, and *blush*) Ummm back to the post, yeah, the post. On the back wall just to the left is this puffy shirt and matching wedges that I frequently reached for in my “closet”.  As you head over to there, stop midway … and you will see this dress.

HALEY picked it out so I can’t take credit for it.  For accessories, we went with the exaggerated updo to match with the dramatically stunning peach dress.  Its called “Punk Princess” … how appropriate. *grin*  Shopping with HALEY, really brings out a whole other side of my fashion and personality.

She wore the cutest flower dress for the snap … its a garden fairy.  So perfect for her and her all things green. I don’t care if she says its “not green enough”… its adorable! Did you see the short little wings?! Check out her frog slippers … this is why I love shopping with her!

Okay, HALEY, you’re hired! Keep looking for more great stores and things … perhaps that jacket? I will have to look again … but I’m thinking funky slouchy capris or a feathered mini skirt?!

*photo by HALEY Salomon*

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