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I’m so tired of hearing about people being bored. I’m venting. No one can talk to me about being bored. I’ve held my breath for something to happen which … oh never mind.

Whatever. All you need to know is I’m so done waiting.

So if you want excitement in SL … come find me. If you’re bored, IM me. I’m up for anything this weekend…take me shopping, exploring, sitting and chatting, dancing, teach me something … I don’t care.

I have a surf competition on Saturday at 11slt (I think). Everyone is welcome to attend! I’m not competing (yet), but I need a new bikini and shades – a girl’s gotta look good, right?! Oh, the beach is always packed with *the* hotest surfers … why do you think I took up surfing?! *grin*

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.  I invite you to – SHOW ME YOUR SL!

3 Comments to “Show Me Your …”

  • Cute blog!

    And I totally agree with you. If you’re bored in world, you’re just not trying hard enough to be entertained…

  • Aww thanks Celebrity. And I completely agree … that is with the being bored issues. ;)

  • sl is bigger than any of us wil ever explore . there is alway something to do but as in Rl u have to shift ur butt to find it

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