{Rant} Hair Fair – loved it not so much

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Okay here’s my scoop on the hair fair. Not diggin’ it. Either I’m overly picky or not in the cool club to appreciate the hair. Yes I over spent. Yes I did find several good wigs. Overall, I was expecting way more.  It seemed like the hair is not for the mainstream or everyday wear.  Its either too wild and surely over the top.

Sure these styles would be awesome for here on the blog (so I did buy some). For the most part, I will not be wearing them out and about … and certainly not on dates (eek I’m dating!).

The other side of this rant is the textures. Surprisingly, I didn’t like many designer’s textures but loved the style.  Yes, I’m a chestnut brown hair color chick and picky. When I find a style, I look for the color pack and buy. Easy. Well back at the studio, I toss on the hair only to be disappointed. The brown has a green tint. WTF? Green? So I try the other two tones in the pack. Red? Pink? I see the brown but these other tones are highlighted into the texture. Really this can’t be right. I go back … yup. That’s it … and immediately filed in “never wear” folder.

Here’s another rant: flexi hair with alpha prims. Need I say more? Can someone explain this hainusness? I mean really? I don’t like to spin around to see the outline of my skull. Its hair. I should see the prim hairstyle and not be distracted by the curve my head. My other “fav” is the texture is made invisible on the reversed side. Umm hello! If I was do another angle than “straight on” … It would look like I had missing parts of my hair. Well doesn’t that just defeat the purpose of having the hair?!?!

Overall, the fair was good… just not great. Will I go back to look again to give it another chance. Sure, but not any time soon.

9 Comments to “{Rant} Hair Fair – loved it not so much”

  • GREEN- BROWN ,, yes please!

  • I am not alone in the hair textures problem inSL. :)

  • Hmm, did we attend the same fair? haha I felt there were plenty of styles that weren’t over the top or too wild but hey it’s all opinion. :) Sorry you didn’t find more that you liked!

  • @Haley – yes I will have to show – I thought of you when I saw it.

    @Analu – I sometimes think I’m alone when look at these textures … some are pretty awful.

    @Torrid – I did find some that I liked as I did purchase (both of yours actually). It just wasn’t a fair that is *that* exciting.

    Thank you for the comments everyone. It wouldn’t be a blog without your comments and feedback.

  • The alpha texture sorting is not a problem in SL alone. I was in Everquest the other day, watching some alpha grass flicker back and forth. It’s existed for a long time, and LL can do nothing about it. Clever building and clever texturing can minimise the problem in SL.

    I didn’t stay long at the hairfair because of 2 reasons. One was the HORRENDOUS lag, and the fact that it took me 24 hours to even get into the pink sim, and the other was that I only wanted one style. I got in, zeroed in on the style, bought it and got the hell out again!

  • I was looking forward to the hair fair but so far I havent seen anthing that different or I want to buy – thought it was just me being picky.
    I vow not to give up and find something to buy from this if its the last thing i do ( knowing the lag wil kill me it most likely will be )
    I dont want wacky hair just want something different !

  • Hi Luna, I attempted the hair fair for the 2nd time yesterday and encountered the awful lag, stuff not rezzing, I could barely see the styles and then there was a region restart so came away empty handed again :(
    It pains me to see these people full of AO’s, scripted tails and ears, big hair and primmy stuff on boxes flying around. Lil ‘ole me was flying around in my homemade crap panda skin, I even dished it out to some primtards but most of them rejected it…bah!

    About the hair texturing, I am a fan of the styles that can be created using the alpha textures (shop seu and zero style as examples), so i suffer the invisible and colour issues because i love the actual style so much. Does that make sense? LOL!

    Locks of love is a great idea, i wonder if they do that here in the UK? I have very long hair and I really feel like going short. Will look into it.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Luna!


  • I refuse to go to hair fair anymore because of the lag. All the other ‘fairs’ that SL has aren’t near as horrendous as hf. You’d think the organizers of it would fix that.

    I agree, most of the designs rolled out at fairs like that are way over the top ‘runway style’ (read…no normal person would ever be caught dead in it).

  • Heya- I haven’t really had the chance to walk around the hair fair (because of the lag) but from some of the demo’s I had seen on OnRez, I was a little disappointed in the quality of work. However, there were still some amazing designers that came out with some beautiful styles. I can’t wait for the free time and lag to die down so I can go shopping.

    This is actually my first hair fair I’ve ever gone to or been in so I didn’t have any expectations. I really am for the cause and thinks it’s an awesome time not only for shoppers to get a look at some new designers, but for designers to actually make a name for themselves. I say hooray for the Hair Fair!

    As for the alpha textures, I would agree it is the designers responsibility to strive to rid of any alpha glitches but lemmie tell you, it’s hell! I’ve had to spend countless hours striving to fix a little problem because of the way the flexi and alpha textures react to one another. My suggestion to designers reading this, make sure to put a plain texture flexi prim in the middle of the alpha flexi prim. I learned this trick from Hely (DK Owner) and it really works.

    Good luck and thankies for the feedback on the hair, Luna.


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