*Review* ViSTA – Divine Extended Girl AO

The creator and owner of ViSTA, Vista Barnes, gave me a few weeks back a new animation override (AO). I’ve worn it for several days off and on.  Recently, I realized I haven’t taken it off. I’ve used the same AO for almost a year (yeah I really liked that AO) … that is until now. “Divine Extended Girl” has smooth transitions and doesn’t appear to have that “fidgety” movement within each animation.  I call it “fidgety” as some animator with other content designers aren’t as fluid giving that appearance of nervousness or uneasy. Vista really did this AO right – natural movement blends well with the sits, walks and all the poses.  Everything in this AO is animated … and WOW its packed with goodness.  I’m not sure if I saw all the options. Tons of walks, sits, stands, etc. Excellent choice – go check out ViSTA for other products (male and female).


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