*Review* Skin Flicks – Zuwena Skins

Mavis McGettigan of Skin Flicksis on of the rare skin deisgners who I tend to watch.  I really enjoy wearing her skins.  Her tones and makeups are very natural and oh so sexy.  The latest release, Zuwena, is smooth with that photorealistic feeling.  I love the lip colors with the added dimension of the lip lining and a hint of gloss. The heavy lined, smokey eye is what really drew me to this new skin. It really makes my baby blues pop!

Everything from the collarbone shading to the nipples to the vajayjay is really perfected. I can’t find any seams or color tone issues.  Honestly, Mavis really had this set down to an art. I’ve worn the skin out on a few shopping trips and my friends have complimented the skin. I know I have used these skin in several posts alreayd (some have yet to be written). Still can’t beleive how much I love this skin.  More than her others in my collection.

Thank you Mavis for allowing me the opportunity to be complimented! <3

Skin Flicks

The skins featured: (click on the clicks to see larger)
Skin Flicks Zuwena Alluring Shadow Natural Beige
Skin Flicks Zuwena Majestic Shadow Natural Beige

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