[Series] Shopping with HALEY – Part 4

Ahhh… another funky shopping trip with HALEY. After a long and strange week in SL, its good to spend some time with her.  We both understand that we have completely different tastes … but still have a common interest – Shopping (duh!) but gabbing, pose shopping and also love of colors.

Its so rare, ok never, do I wear my fav color, pink, head to toe.  For some reason, when HALEY is around, I find it so easily in my inventory. Yes, I know, I buy a ton of it. Have you seen me wear it like this?

HALEY had this party to head off to … well with her loving all things green (in case you couldn’t tell) she found her way to Bare Rose for a dress.  I think she ended up buy the Fat Pack … and sharing with me and other friends.

We giggled for days over this dress. The silly poofyness along was laughable. Really, its cute. I didn’t start to like it until I found those polkadot socks from LuLu and the color change hair from Eat Rice.  I swear Eat Rice needs more marketing-her designs alone rock… but the hair is awesome!!

Oh yeah, get close to the pic, see the stars? Armi, HALEY’s partner, sent them over to me. He’s a, ummm, particle engineer (ya like that I made up that title). He owns Electric Pixels which is an unusual particle shop. Love it! (Thanks Armi!)

Okay one last pic … but you have to check it out in HALEY’s flickr. She had to take me out this week, kicking and screaming. KIDDING, I love going … but isn’t that pose from Sugar Mill adorable?!  Plus I want everyone to see her talent … she has a *gasps* no photoshop policy. All her pics are unprocessed – ALL her pics!! (Told you we had different tastes!) hehe

Thanks again HALEY, always a trip to go shopping with you!!

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