*Review* SLink Skin – Isabelle

I had the pleasure of chatting with the owner of SLink, Siddean Munro, last nite.  What a doll! Her store has a new look and design, very well laid out and built with plenty of room for her ever-expanding talents.  I walked through the store several times picking up odds and ends as we talked.  Siddean shared with me her soon-to-be released skins called Isabelle.  After her solo fashion show today, she will unveil these to the public. I recieved two tones – Coco Latte & Sunkissed (shown). There are four other skin tones.  Each tone has a stunning selection of nine makeup options, with and without freckles.

I’m always amazed by handdrawn skins. Siddean improved many elements of this line including handdrawing the lips and nipples and updating the shading.  Her past lines are still just as stunning but there is something about “Isabelle” that I can’t simply place … I love this intrigue of the skin. It keeps coming back into my rotation as I’m hoping from one event to another today.  (Don’t forget to check out SLink’s fashion show at 3pm today. If you see me, drop me an IM to say hello. I love meeting my readers!)

Now if skin isn’t your thing, Siddean also has in the works new additions to her remarkable clothing line – lingerie … I tossed on her unreleased lingerie product for the pics.  I adore red lingerie!


**Side note: The fashion show will showcase this skin line as well as her new male skin, Chistopher**

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