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Since October 1st, my sweet friend, HALEY, has worn a different costume each day. Every day, our conversation:
She askes, “What are you wearing?”
My response, “Jeans and a sweater”
“Oh, a sweater.” (silence.) “What? No costume”
“Why not?”
“Not a fan”
Then, again, silence.  I guess I’m the Ebenezer of Halloween.
I’m not sure but I think she finds it a fun challenge to get me into the Halloween spirit. Eh.
That is until the other day. She announces on Plurk that its “Dress Like A Bunny Day”. As I was off enjoying RL, I thought that I should just surprise her and do this “dress like a bunny day” thing.  As I was logging in, someone plurked  me (yeah I’m a Plurk-a-holic) that I should check out Deviance. Off I run!  I was completely impressed by this costume maker. I mean, I was floored! I have to get back there to get more!
Instantly, I snatch up the bunny costume and head off to see Haley.  I think she needed a minute to collect herself when she saw me tho. She was completely elated to see me in costume. Quiet frankly, I was shocked too but look at the cute pic!


Expect more halloween stuff to be shown here On The D-List!

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