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Suzana, the newest release from LionSkins, has received a mixed review from several different bloggers.  I do agree with some of these fellow bloggers.  I had to weigh in and toss out my two cents for what it’s worth.

I enjoy reviewing skins as I find it a challenge. Its easy to write but not so when the skins have flaws.  After receiving in a skin, I will seriously pour over the skin for flaws or defects.  I don’t like to blog or give negative feedback in a public forum.  Its tacky in my opinion.

Honestly, I don’t think this skin will appeal to the masses but it is very well crafted.  The things I do like is the nearly realist approach to the tone and soft variations on the overall tone (very much like in RL). What I don’t think will appeal to a wide audience is the overstated eye makeup.  On the flip side, I, somehow, enjoy and can appreciate the feel and design of the makeup.  It really makes an impact and would be terrific for high fashion.

The pale skin is really more my speed. So be it, I am slight plain jane when it comes to every day skins. The pale tone is so subtle and intriguing.  I really can see myself wearing it for an everyday kinda skin.

In my opinion, this is really just a great platform for an artist designer like Lion Jonesford, the creator behind these skins.  She has a ton to offer the skin world…. I’m just waiting for her to really emerge on the scene!


Products Shown: Aden, BareRose

1 Comment to “*Review* LionSkins – Suzana”

  • I just got to see this for the first time! Thank you so much for your review, but I have to confess something. The skins that you were given were our skin tones developed specifically for the runway. You will find that in over 60 makeups per skin tone, the Suzana line has something to offer for everyone! We’ve just (as in right now) released our newest line, the .:[SU]:. which has much softer makeups for the launch. If you’d like, please contact me and we can get you some of them.

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