*Review* WaxPoetic – Halloween Skins

Roberta Beauchamp, owner of love.love.love and WaxPoetic, recently created several hand-drawn, yes hand-drawn, Halloween skins.  Berta has taken her inspiration for these skins from her own RL work.  When talking to her a few weeks back about the cat skin, I thought it would be a great idea and over the top original.  The concept for “Miss Kitty” is taken from the idea of when she, like me, was little, we would use a piece of burnt cork to drawn cat whiskers and nose onto our faces – you know you did it too – and you were the cat every year for Halloween! :P  Robotronic one is my fav … I’m just in love with the “human” eye showing through the heavily made up robotic face.  Berta even has several other hand-drawn Halloween skins out at her store – Mrs Frankenstein and Undead, just to name a few.  All are down in all her yummy skins tones that are named after desserts.

WaxPoetic just put out for sale the newest fall 2008 skin line.  I really do think that Berta has the best smokey eyed skins.  Gotta love the smokey eyes – its by far the best! I’m really proud to wear her skins around the grid.  (The Cherry Jubilee skin rocks!) 


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  • you focused on the two that are my fav too. I got the dia de los muertos and the lioness one as well. Because Berta is uber talented!!!

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