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Ever just “swoon” over something and immediately own? That’s how I felt about Iki’s newest skins.  :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skins Indie is the new collection out today for sale.  Iki was way way sweet for sending them my way even before they were out.  Last time, I had a reader slightly upset that I posted skins before they out for sale. This time, lesson learned, I waited ;)  Oh ‘nuf rambling. Why did I swoon over these skins? What makes them so diff from others? First, its the diversity for Dutch Touch.  The prior skins were more “sweet and innocent”.  These are more me – not-so-innocent.  *grin* I really have to applaud Iki for going beyond the usual for her and diving into new territory. This is what keeps designers fresh in my mind when I go shopping. Finally, more selection in skin shopping! I feel pigeoned-holed when looking for skins due to wanting a sunkissed tone  Not here, the tones are excellent – it was more difficult to select what ones to show!  This is rare, but I really can wear more than just one or two of the offered shades.  Sure, there is a good range, the tones aren’t so drastically apart that its “odd” to wear a lighter or darker shade. Second, its Dutch Touch – duh! I really do think this store has plenty for everyone – clothing, skins, eyes, lashes and all sorts of styles.  Regardless if you choose Indie or any of her other excellent skins, these skins have that flexibility and flair that really partner well with the clothing Iki has created over the year or so.

Skins are my thing. I know skins are insanely tricky to create and then to be unique from the designers own collection and then from other designers.  Wow! Seriously, “Indie” does just that with the colored eye makeup and slightly pouty lip without an overdone effect with the lip color.

The skin is packaged with several different eye colors (some shown here), lashes and 3 different skins for brow options.  Indie is worth every linden! 


Bikini is also Dutch Touch. Hair-ETD.

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