Oops I have a blog, right?

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Haidere! Its me, Luna. Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. SLife has been nuts … tons of wonderful new adventures.  This week started with my partnering to a sweet guy (surely you’ve seen my flickr), then the Open Sim controversy (I live on an Open Sim), reworking my modelling portfolio and then working on the Blogger’s Mix & Match assignment. 

I really should blog something during this time period, right?  First, I was approached by two large design firms to become part of their modelling staff.  This means digging through countless photographs for a well blended portfolio book.  Sure, I have done print ads for stores but now its the next level, a progression if you will, into magazines and publications.  Its the old adage, always the writer never the model … not true anymore!

Second is a big project that will be released next week is the bloggers Mix and Match.  Check out the post to learn more.  In case you’re like me, you want the down and dirty. (Oh! Get your minds out of the gutters!!)  This is the deal: I posted a topic I would like to see discussed.  That topic and my blog go into a blender with the other blogs and blog topics.  What comes out is that I guest write about someone else’s topic.  Just as my luck would have it, I am guest writing on the Second Life blog.  Yup! That’s right. Second Life’s main blog. Fantastic expose for me but daunting too. I have to watch my run-on sentences! zionks!

And, oh, by-the-way, I still am a fashion blogger/reviewer/person/writer/whatever.  Review copies are still being sent my way (which I am so very gratful for) and I’m still welcoming more items and new designers.

Off I go to finish the blog assignment and to spend some with Karl. Ciao!

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  • W000000t Yay!! \o/ Congrats Luna <3

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