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Get ready … there is a new store – Hilarious!  its a brainchild of Kesseret Steeplechase.  It so nice to see when good people excerise their talents.  Kess hand-drew these textures!!  I was completely floored when I read that on her blog.  Muted jewel tones are what I mainly wear year-round.  (Yes its not always about pink with me.)  The peacoat and cuffed pants are just perfect for my style, classic and cleanlined.  what else could you ask for?! Check out Hilarious for the other designs … and go back often as she adds more and more product.


Products Used: ETD, DeLa, Chai.

2 Comments to “*Review* Hilarious”

  • Awww, it’s also goign to have stuff from Marissa Racecourse! but that biatch loves WoW. lol

    Yeah I can’t photosource to save my ass. Ya’ll are stuck with me and the path tool.

  • great recommendation :) Like I told Kes… looove those pants.

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