*Review* Gigi Couture – The Vine Dress

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  9 Comments

After a short hiatus, Giana Paine is back to delivering incredible new designs.  Here’s just one example of her work and endless talent.  One of the things that keeps my attention on GiGi Couture is the dramatic coloring.  The Vine dress is prime example (shown in Abstract Flowers, Green Vintage Floral, and Fall Stripe). Also, this dress not only has most of the layers but also a couple of different shirt options. This is ideal for creating a long flowing top or wear it, like I did, as a full dress.  Welcome back Giana, you were missed!

GiGi Couture

Products Used: Tuli, Insolence, Kookie, Armidi, Truth, Naughty, Aden.

9 Comments to “*Review* Gigi Couture – The Vine Dress”

  • For someone who tells other bloggers not to be all pooping rainbows, you sure do it more than 95% of bloggers out there. Quit telling the rest of us what to do if you’re going to do it yourself.

  • Ah yes, thank you, “a fellow blogger”. Glad to see who you are :) If you think me saying this designer is versitile in her designs and has great colors is pooing rainbows… sorry, my fault, I should have went for the full love fest.
    Also, did I not state in my post that you refer to, that I do have some work to do? At any rate, thanks for reading and the traffic ping.

  • LOL @ Luna & the traffic ping comment.

    I am so sick of people not standing behind their words….fellow blogger.

  • What’s this person’s beef against the Care Bears! :P Seriously, name yourself and don’t be a coward!

  • i smell bullshit.

    rainbows, lollipops and buuuuuuuullshit.

  • Yeah I’m really tired of the attitude I see around the SL fashion industry. I’ve never seen such an expression of passive aggressive behavior in my life. I get that opinions are like assholes- and everyone has one, but has anyone really thought to keep their fucking opinion to themselves? Yeah, try it sometime instead of leaving anon comments suggesting such shit.
    Most of the people I meet in SL do not pull crappy bullshit. They are open and sweet and honest and speak their mind. Some may be a little too sensitive and piss and moan but still I give them a lot of respect for standing by their beliefs.
    What I don’t give respect to is anonymous comments that stink of bullshit.
    So, hey, fellow blogger, in the immortal words of the *chans: TITS OR GTFO.
    (and when I say tits I really mean, use your real name or GTFO) otherwise your comment means nothing.

  • when you are a very good,, people will always be jealous of you ,ignore them they are not worth your time.

  • Poop rainbows if you want, I thought the dresses were sexy.

  • I think Luna should market a prim rainbow that attaches to the ass. Mock the mockers!

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