{mashup} BareRose Appreciation

When I see BareRose items, I always think of being a noob and buying one of my first outfits from them.  Funny I still think that outfit is available after 2 years! So many things may not change.  The walls are massive and completely covered with product and the lag is still mind numbing.  Why do I keep going back? It seems that I tend to miss things on the first or second scour.  Always something interesting to check out and eventually buy.  Lately, I have seen BareRose in complete outfits.  Rare to see the pieces separated.  As my homage, I am tippy my 40 and dedicating this post to BareRose. (Thanks Winter for suggesting a BareRose Appreciate Week Challenge.)

Ok lets see how many more times I can say “BareRose”.  The jacket is from, you guessed it, BareRose.  Its apart of a much more elaborate outfit called Scottish Fold.  In classic form, the designers pack this outfit until its little prim box nearly burst! Its loaded with all sorts of skirts, colors, and collar bows.  Since I’m not a fan of all the pieces, I chucked on the top with its overly huge cuffs and frilly arm thingies and left the rest in inventory.

Oddly enough, I didn’t have to look any further for the rest of this look.  I already had on the pants from Gypsy Soul and the boots from ShinyThings.  Of course, both products are like the BareRose (I swear I need help I can’t help mention this store) outfit, small pieces to larger collections.  So, with that, I added a hint of rawr with a full body tattoo that is so sexy-ly hidden.  (Oh yeah, I tend to make up words, so deal, k.)

For a girl flav, I added on these amazing nano-tortured-never-could-I-create-prim chandelier earrings.  I really thought for the price (100L) they would be just a texture. Damn was I way wrong. Its over 130 prims per earring. 

The short do from Abyss is perfect.  It draws the eye to the earrings, the heavy heavy heavy smokey eye to the collar.  The makeup is one that I was drooling over for months.  Its really me and my taste.  WIth a hint of color in super-duper smokey eye, the skin is very urban with sex appeal.

Ok I’m so done … but one last thing before I give the style sheet: Monkey!! And you thought I was going to say BareRose.  ugh. sonnaof…

Style Sheet:
Jacket: ::: B@R ::: Scottish Fold
Pants: ~GypsySoul~ Trio
Boots: Old  Laceup Boot foot – black
Skin: (Milk Motion) MARLA PALE BE blush
Tattoo: [ addiXion – Half Tribal Full Body Tattoo ]
Eyes: *CS* Eyes – Light – Wisteria
Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes
Hair: <TheAbyss> Hair – Secret – Dark Ash
Manicure: Nail-J’s Natural – Gold
Earrings: [P/a] THEMISTO -piercing/BLACK-

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  • Just wanted to toss out things that many people and bloggers alike seem to miss about BareRose is that we do try to address the lag as much as possible. Something that we worked on that many seem to miss is our catalogue website – – which provides features as browsing so you can see pictures and prices of all the items listed, as well as the item’s description provides a direct tp to the section the outfit is in. We even made an available feature that people can register on there and keep track of items they have or items they wish to purchase in the future. I hope like you and the rest of the people out there this will help instead of the lag scaring away people from the really amazing stuff BareRose has to offer. ^^

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