All I want for Christmas is …

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  8 Comments

… to have product that doesn’t have bling. I don’t want on a menu that I have to toggle or type in open chat like ass “bling off” or decontruct the item to rip the script out.
Just don’t put it in the products.
That is all.
Rant over.

8 Comments to “All I want for Christmas is …”

  • Amen sistah :-)

  • omg I SO agree –
    I see these great items then find out it has bling and walk away. why make it when so many hate it

    bling and that clicking noise when walking – the worst ever things made in sl

  • Agrees! If a designer wants to have a product with bling, please offer another without it – like Paper Couture did.

  • yeah I never understood the fascination. Glow is the next bling too. :/

    God help us all..

  • Amen! And can we please do without the clicking heel sound either?

  • I always feel like I’m telling someone off, “bling off!” May be I should try it the next time someone pisses me off, “Bling off!” “Bling you!”

  • lol @Bunny. I always think Clydesdale horses are coming around when I hear those shoes.

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