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I’ve known about Adam n Eve for some time but never purchased a skin (sadly to say).  Of course, I have gone to check out demos but never really went through with the purchase.  Again, I regret not knowing more about this product.  When sachi Vixen, of Adam n Eve, asked me to review her newest skin line, I was really flattered and nervous.  I wasn’t sure if I could do the line justice.  Instead of my usual head to toe shots of the from and back, I decided to show off makeups.  Makeup, to me, is what will set off a skin from another designer.  Its the lips, the cheek tones or the eye liner or shadow.  Sure skin designers know skins but do they know makeup? sachi really got this down to an art.  I really loved each of the makeup tones and “attitude” with each one.  She and I chatted briefly while I picked out the makeups.  I really had a hard time choosing.  She’s right tho, people do need variety in skins.  Hopefully with what I picked, I was able to show the different levels of drama for lips, eyes and overall appearance. 

Overall, I love the line.  What I didn’t like is that even-though I choose the same tone (Tone 2) for each one, they all are different skin colors.  Keep that in mind as you browse.  For me, its not a deal breaker as I like the variety it will offer in a Tone palette.  It could be dis-concerning if you are use to that certain tone and looking to carry that through the different collections.

Again, I think its a well designed skin with a solid offering of different makeup and tones (even within the same tone). Adam n Eve will never fall short on selection. 

Skins Shown (L to R):
Adam n Eve Skin – Cherie t2 – Make up Shine
Adam n Eve – Devon – Cranberry – Tone 2
Adam n Eve – Angel – Tone 2 – Wicked Red
Adam n Eve Skin – Cherie t2 – Make up Cateyes

Products Used: ETD, House of Nyla, Persona, MM
Pose: Long Awkard Pose

6 Comments to “*Review* Adam n Eve Skins”

  • Regarding the tones being different from one skin to another, its actually because they’re not really the same line of skins. :)

    Each named skin (Angel, Devon, etc) is a separate line, with an entirely different face and some changes to the body shading. So the tones differ since different body sources were used.

  • Thanks Luna, you look great!

    Its a conscious choice for me that each skin has different tones because I think of ach one as a new girl with her own colour palette! I use the naming for skin colour tone 1-4 with being lightest and 4 darkest to try to simplify it for people as I found some customers would get confused with tones named moonbeam or caramel!

  • That’s what I like sachi. Its a nice variety of tones for the T2 color. For some people, like me, who are new to your skins, it can be interesting to pick a similiar tone between all the lines. Its not a bad thing just just a uniqueness you bring the skin designs. Other designs keep the same tone throughout the entire collection (all lines and all skin products) so its refreshing to see someone who doesn’t do this. It just depends on what you, as a consumer, want to see or have in inventory.

  • When I first saw the Angel skin, I was stunned, but after comparing the demo with about half a dozen skins from other designers, I finally realized that the collarbone is much too accentuated for my liking.. more than in all the other skins I tried. I didn’t buy the skin since I really wouldn’t like to walk around with such a collarbone.. pity, because it really looks fantastic otherwise.

  • I’ve always loved a nicely definde collarbone. It’s very sexy.

  • I agree! Also, I like hearing what others tend to like in skins … finding out why they picked that skin. I think skins are one of the most important details (if not the most important) that speaks volumes of your character and personality. And yet its hard to change them or find one that really fits. What works for you may not work for someone else. Its a cool thing!

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