Who doesn't like a good poll?

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Come on… that was a good post title right?  Ok so I’m lacking my usual caffeine, but whatever. Just take the poll. I’m testing out a new feature for WordPress … and seeing if you all wanna do this kinda thing in the future.  Tell your friends and all crack-head noobs out there to vote. 

3 Comments to “Who doesn't like a good poll?”

  • Funny how polls always miss the important option.. like the McDonalds poll missing the single most important option (don’t go there because: it tastes like crap).

    I (would) buy skin if: (a) the makeup is nice, (b) the body looks gorgeous overall, and (c) it hasn’t any gross flaw like washed out/fuzzy areolas, a spine looking like a deep, hollow valley, an almost non-existent pussy, a protruding collarbone, seams, flat, completely undefined body (parts), greenish skin tone, …

    I have an older MM skin, and I don’t see myself buying a new skin soon.. tested a lot of demos lately, and there’s always something that simply doesn’t look right. Not that my current skin is flawless (I hate the fuzzy areolas..), but I didn’t find any skin yet that is markedly better.

    So I vote for the missing option: looks gorgeous AND doesn’t have some more or less obvious flaw.

  • You need to add an option to the poll that says:
    “I don’t buy new skin because Luna tells me I need one?

  • ROFL! I *almost* put that in there ;)

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