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There has been some real buzz about the new skins Minnu released.  I can really see why.  The latest line, London, really helps to compliment the current lines, all named after real-life cities around the world.  Selecting the different makeups to show off was quite a unique experience. I hopped over to the store to see the display.  This was a first as I realized when in my studio, there isn’t makeup uniformity that carries through the tones.  Initially I was kinda grumpy about it but then after stewing I realized that it makes sense.  Whatever color or heaviness of color for one tone may not work well for other tone.  This is actually a very smart move for Minnu.  It shows her experience and knowledge of makeup design. 

Also, I found that this line is more on the sporty side.  Generally, I like the more soft tummy.  London is true a cross-over.  Its still that roundedness I like with a hint of a ripped stomach.  The 6-pack isn’t “in your face” or one of the most pronounced features but rather seen on the second take.  What is beautifully shaded that the eye instantly finds is the under side of the breast.  Talk about feminine… wow! The breast has more a natural slope rather than globe.  The globe shape can make the breast look like they sit too high on the chest.  Minnu designs the skin with a more teardrop shape, accentuating the bottom curve and cleavage.

The more obvious features are those lips and collarbone.  Both add that sex appeal that draws you in and keeps your eye moving through the skin for more features.  Also, I’m not a real big fan of photo-realistic skins.  I think MMS has a less bold feeling and approach to the realistic skin business.  Its not that creepiness of realism or milkiness of hand-painted.  There is something about them all that I just enjoy.  I have yet to really figure it out, to be honest.

As for the overall skin tones, I chose to show the line in my usual tone, SunTan.  Does this make the other tones less or subpar. Absoulety not. It just helps me tell the story of the skin rather than get caught up with the nuisances of each tone.  Do keep in mind, as I stated earlier, the makeups do vary between the tones.  If you are the type to buy different tones with the London collection, it will give you more choices and more decisions to make as you purchase. 

Overall, London is one of my favorite MMS skins that I own.  Its unique and fresh but still loaded with all the great things that I have come to appreciate in the 2 years of wearing the skins.

Skin Line/Name: London
Skins Used: Makeup4, Base, Makeup2, Makeup6, Makeup9, Makeup1
Tone Used: SunTan
Single Skin Price: $1500L

Other Products Used: Celestial Studios, MMS Lashes, Armidi, INSOLENCE.

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