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Blacklace, the sister store to AlphaMale, is truly breaking through the fashion scene.  I was introduced to Blacklace several months ago.  I was completely amazed by the store and its offering.  It is really the dawn of what is to come from lingerie and formal gowns.  Mariska Simons gave me the opportunity to share with you all some of the newest products. 

It took me awhile to work up the courage to do the pics justice.  Yeah, I know, silly, right? Well with some insomnia and a quiet night, I spent some time debating on the review.  I wasn’t sure how to really tackle this.  While fussing with the poses, I decided to do a quick set … and played around with photoshop lighting.  Viola!  Really is to showcase the lingerie.  In my usual fashion, I did the obligatory front and back of the other items.  As I tossed on each outfit, I really didn’t see any glaring misaligned textures or seams or flaws in the what Mariska sent.  Blacklace did appeal to me with the mini bow attachments and the multiple option of babydoll lace overlays.  Head on over to see the other offerings and clothing line – for men and women.


Lingerie Sets: Dark Desires: Red Leather & Lace Baby Doll Set, Minstrals Kiss: White Satin & Black Velvet Corset, Playful Innocence: Pink Satin & Lace Camasole Set, Sweetness: Scarlet Floral Satin Set (2 Options).
Products Used: ETD, Cupcakes, Glitter, Stiletto Moody, Coquette Noir, MilkMotion, KMADD, Bonita’s Jewelry.

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  • Wow, too bad I don’t have the amazing virtual body.

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