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I’m kinda a skin snob when shopping or doing blogs about skins.  I try to not get overly excited for designers that I really honestly like and wear on a daily basis.  Tuli Asturias’s skins (or sometimes under the name Sumi Sorbet) are beginning to filter into my usual lineup of skin selections.  I can remember way back in the small store when the skins were around the corner on the left.  I had no clue what tone to buy and then actually pick a skin or two that I liked … I like them all!  Still do.  The []::Tuli::[] brand has come a very long way.  To this day, I still drool over the colors and still indecisive on tones.  The tones aren’t too far dramatic from each other making the line easy to wear any of them without really changing your own character.

With the dawn of her new sim and beautiful store, the collection has expanded and grows constantly.  To help introduce you to []::Tuli::[], I would recommend joining the group. Sure its $250L, but well worth it for the gifts and skins.  This group is a sure fire way to learn more about the brand and help decide on tones … oh yeah, and own skins that you may not choose yourself – all for a super low membership fee. 

With all that said, Kalista is a new/old fav.  Wha? Yup. Its S5 classic, revamped.  Tuli set charge her membership group with the task/challenge.  The membership, those who wanted the challenge, were to submit one pic showing off the skins that were given. The cool part, if you didn’t do the challenge, you have new skins. Its a tote win-win.  Ok, so the first place winner gets L$ and to name the skin line.  The winner was Elysium Rayna. Congrats Elysium … and you picked a beautiful name!

The skin line may be revamped… but it still has all those great qualities that we have come to know []::Tuli::[] for … that is that lacey makeup.  Yup, I was pleasantly surprised to see it back in the mix.  Its shown in the pic below too. I love the eyemake in this line. Its a hard cat-eyed eyeliner with a smudged smokey eyelid. Its probably my favorite feature to this line.  Also, the smooth cheek tones are so milky and muted, it truly accents the facial features.

Here’s the business side.  Tuli with the skins sent a notecard.  I want to share some of the verbage here:

I’ve developed 3 skin tones, with 21 makeups each, ranging from casual to wild to emo.
The “lace” makeup was a huge favorite in my old skin line and because of many requests from customers I copied it to the new line. “Tears” makeup was also requested a lot so I made 3 variations of it.
Each makeup pack comes with 1 skin, optional colorable pubic layers and 4 suggested eyebrow shapes (bald bases).
I don’t advertise it much but it is possible to order custom eyemakeup/lip combinations. For example, if you like the eyes on skin 04, and the lips on skin 07, you can order it with no extra charge.  Pay me directly, and paste the transaction info in a notecard with your order. (not forgetting your choice of tone of course!)

With all that said, if you aren’t already a fan or don’t know much about her line, I honestly encourage you to check out the store (and sim), form your own opinions and maybe join the group (TULI update group). Also, the other “perk” is that I think Tuli tries to make her own self visible and welcoming to the group and her customers.  Its a rare “feature” in some of the larger brands, like Tuli’s … this is what sets her apart, in my mind. 


Skins Used: []::Tuli::[] Kalista medium 15, []::Tuli::[] Kalista light 09, []::Tuli::[] Kalista tan 03

Other Products Used: Exile, KMADD, Indrya Originals, MMS

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  • I like julibee-diamond

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