Diversity for All… can we haz?

So I’m a blog troller … I admit that freely.  I was off reading my blog feed reader thingy and found this very interesting post from Nexeus FataleHe talks about the struggle of shopping in SL as a guy but also as a Hispanic/Black male.  I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that people make their AVs look like their RL selves.  Do we shop like we do in RL? Do we pick out what we would normal choose for our RL selves? I know I shop like do in RL.

Now think about it as a guy in SL.  Shopping as a guy.  Shopping as an ethnic male.  Sure we all know about the lack of male clothing … but ever stop to think about the diversity of product… or take it to the next step of asking your favorite designers for that diversity?!

Designers, can I encourage you to provide these products?! I think Washu, in plurk, said that the hair Nexeus talks about in the post, is not possible for SL right now. (I can’t find the link tho. Anyone have it?)  Could there be the better skin selections, shapes, clothing, etc?

**Edit** Crap addes his two lindens as well.

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  • I don’t remember saying that about ethic hair specifically. In fact, I was one of the people Nexeus was speaking with when he was brainstorming this post. I am constantly frustrated as a black avatar, on the lack of choices in SL. I feel excluded, and I won’t say it’s racism, but it definitely is exclusion. When I walk into a shop that only has white skins, I feel like it should just have a big sign on the front saying I’m not welcome. THAT is how much I feel excluded.
    There are many reasons why designers don’t make ethnic products. They don’t know how, first and foremost. They think it wont sell, and they are also more difficult to make.
    There are a few shops that are popping up that cater specifically to ethnic avatars but they are few and far between. I just hope that more keep coming. There are even a few shops in Hairspray that have ONLY specialty hair, like Adimu, Booperfunk, and to some degree Mau & Mej’s. I’m sure more will come soon.

  • I think it was in a thread where the discussion was about making hair that showed the scalp. It sounds like the style Nex mentioned. If I find it, I’ll share it. Thank you for the comment Washu :)

  • I’ll attest to this, Washu didn’t say anything about hair, however I felt that I HAD to comment on it because it applies.
    There’s definitely a feeling of exclusion here. It’s funny in real life if your black and a woman your considered a “double minority”, because there’s racism and sexism. In Second Life, it at times feels as if the “double minority” is the ethnic male avatar because there’s not many male clothing to begin with AND not many ethnic items to begin with either.

  • Okay, thanks Luna. :D I never remember what I say most of the time anyway. :)

  • I just want to say at this point that the more choice and innovation that designers attempt, the better everybody is for it.

    Even if someone messes up, everybody learns from those mistakes… or that mistake is adopted as a “mutation” from which further development grows.

    Here’s hoping.


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