{mashup} Unusually Unique

My brain is epic.fail. I have been working on the SHAPLES Island opening and blogging at Kunglers that I kinda forgot to do work for myself.  I adore all those I help … but forget to do things for me. 

With that in mind, I spent the weekend shopping.  I picked up newness at Deviant Kitties, like I need more hair, right?!  Generally I do the whole brown pack coloring but not this time. I purchased the brown tips. Ok so it wasn’t that far of a stretch but, still, its different.

I even scoped out skin places.  Somehow survived without buying a single skin.  Altho I have my eye on a few.  Instead I pulled out the folder marked “Check out for later’.  Guess what, its later!  I’m liking the heavy gothy eye with the Deviant Kitties wig.  

Laughing, at this point, I’m wearing those new bras and jeans from Dutch Touch and this wig and skin. Not the right combo for my mood.  I slipped into another great product from Dutch Touch, Lunna.  Stealing the pants, still in the flower bra as a top, I leave SHAPLES and dash over to Coco.

Coco is a new-to-me store.  Its packed with goodness that I now own … oy that was a hurt to my linden balance. The jacket-shirt combo looks fabbo with the Dutch Touch pants, right?! Great textures to pair together.

With the teeny little bow in the hair, coloring it red, I tossed on my other new-to-me store shoes.  They are from Dilly Dolls.  Not-so-overly cutesy goth dresses and … oh-so-good shoes! These are fully scripted with an extensive menu for color, size and texture.  Slightly overwhelming like Christmas morning as a kid, but worth the under $200L.

Ok I’m off to create more trouble. 

Style Sheet
Hair: <DK> [Brown Natural Tips] Sawa – Brown Black
Skin: *WM*  Another Skin Mod by Arbel : (H20)Disturbia
Shirt & Jacket: *COCO*_Jacket&Shirt_Black-White
Pants: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: LuuNa – DGrey Striped Pants
Shoes: *Dilly Dolls* – Bows & Ribbons Dolly Pumps
Lip Ring: [ addiXion – Lip Ring Piercing ]
Ring: Ring red saphire / oversize  / R *REDGRAVE*

3 Comments to “{mashup} Unusually Unique”

  • This is a great look, I <3 the top! Annnnd…it is a reminder that I really need to blog all the stuff I have taken pics of…. damn damn damn…

  • love the shoes!! <3
    (is too much to ask for you to drop me the LM in-world?)

  • Thanks for the comment AnaLu. The LM is coming right over to ya! :)

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