My Inner TomBoy

Oh hey, it’s me. I needed to find my password for this thingie … *blows the dust off my login information*

Thanks to Ann for keepin’ on keepin’ on.  Since she said I need to get off my ass … I decided to post.  With the recent newness that Ann has brought to the blog, I have spent more $L than needed in the past week.  She even got my lazy bones out shopping … but I think that was more my doing than hers.  That’s for another post tho …

In my shopping, I’m finding I’m starting to branch out.  My colors are changing and my usuals aren’t being the first to be bought.  Could this me wanting to finally break out this effin’ funk I’ve been in?! Whatever this is, I’m going with it.

I was off scouring for sneakers when I found this camo and lace mini skirt.  Not much to it which is why my eye was drawn.  What I really liked is that I paired it with a strapless bustier from MichaMi. The bustier is a new addition to my closet and goes so well with the mini jacket.  These three pieces compliment and reveal a long looking torso.

ShinyThings released new boots that I needed.  Yes, needed.  Here’s my attempt at a “surplus” type of look.  I really didn’t think the boots were me at first until I started stalking them. I’m an impulse buyer for classics.  As soon as its out of my comfort zone, like these, I tend to be more hesitant.

I’m a clean classics girl, that will never change. Meshing classics with hints of intrique of other genres leads to interesting mashups. Another great combo I like is the Aden hair. Its the bang of one style blended with a full wig of another.

What really does it for me is the over-the-shoulder bag.  I don’t think I would have thought the outfit was complete without this one accessory. The bag is something that breaks up the colors and still pulls together the overall look.  The hint of orange is fantastic.  Even the torn chocolate socks help with the color blending and adding interest.

Oops almost forgot, the skin. The-best-deal – $47L. Its a great skin with a ton of personality. Check out the eye – soft and smokey with a hard eyeline. Super cute with a tiny snake-bit lip ring. Nothing harsh, just enough.

The best way to finish this look and to make it tangible is the AO. The new release from Ana_Mations called Tomboy plays so insanely well for this look.  Even the bag flows with the animations and not getting “caught” in funky out of the body positions.

Off to find the next inspiration.  Oh yeah, don’t tell Ann I bought the boots, k?

Style Sheet
Skin: [42] skin gravity_03 tan
Lip Ring: [TT] Snakebites (left)
Skirt: (:;S&S;:) Camo Skirt
Shirt: MichaMi: Carmela Bustier Top in Nude
Jacket: ::: B@R ::: Nora Washed More Jacket
Socks: (CS) Lulu Sheer Torn Socks OTK – brown
Boots: (ST) 1.20 Ving boots – ash brown
Bag: Proda Messenger Bag (Circles-Brown)
AO: ANA_TomboyAO

3 Comments to “My Inner TomBoy”

  • You have to take me to get that bag! I am in love with it!

    And no, you don’t need boots, but I am glad one of us bought them :P

    And now I can post my boots too *yay*


  • Love the bag! Makes the outfit :)

  • *needs that bag*

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