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Just this past weekend, Phoenix Rising had opened!  I believe with the VIP invite to the fashion show, I received two dresses, one being highlighted below. 

Its been a long time since I ogled over a gown.  I’m the typical jeans and sweater chick who rarely dresses in formal attire. Digging through folders, reorganizing, this one just hit me.  I honestly enjoy all the elements of this gown called Darken Bliss.

The skirt isn’t too bell shaped nor the train being so long or stiff, completely unlike other designer’s gowns. I usually find these types of gowns to overpower my petite frame.  Not the case here! Everything flows well. Its kinda refreshing. 

My favorites are the bodice and collar/sleeve detailing.  First, the bodice has remarkable lace detailing and a mini high-waisted belt.  The belt is a unique element for a gown.  The collar/sleeve is what sets this dress apart from others.  It reminds me of the collar from Kyoot but with a more feminine soft feel.  Check out the mini glow flower centers or the overall detailing … regardless, the collar is its own layer making it ideal for mixing it with other items. 

The only down fall is that there aren’t multiple layer options.  The corset as beautiful as the top scalloped edge is, the bottom is a straight cut making it blend to the pant layer (the glitch pants for the gown). Should this stop you from buying this particular gown or others that are available? No.

Head over to see the other items that Phoenix Rising offers… all just as stunning!

Style Sheet
Hair: W&Y  yuki HAIR 37 TEX (black)
Skin: [RockBerry] Megan Dark Tan
Shoes: AC Vintish Group Gift

2 Comments to “*Review* Phoenix Rising”

  • /me dies! I want that dress!!!! The part of not having all layers can be a problem for me! I usually don’t like stuff that doesn’t come in all layers, ‘cuz I am a mix and match person, but I still want the dress!

    *sneaks into Luna’s closet and steals the dress

  • lol – no stealing from my closet!! … unless … can I dig thru yours?! *laughs evilly!*

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