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For the last few months, I’ve been holding onto these skins from Imagen.  Really, I shouldn’t have at all.  Not until today did I see all the beautiful elements that went into the design. Imagen is a new designer for me and completely took me by surprise at first. Rack Brautigan, owner of Imagen, and I spoke back when I initially received them.  She is very friendly and welcomed my commentary.  This speaks volumes to her customer service and responsiveness.

The two packs I choose are on the paler side than my everyday skin (maybe that’s why I held on to them longer). Pairing the skins with white and platinum colored wigs really allowed the soft dramatic makeups to come shining through.* 

 What drew me into the Imagen skin line is the wide array of makeups.  Sure I choose to hightlight the more traditional colors.  Please don’t let that fool you, there is a full line of wild and just as dramatic makeup collection. 

In the pic below, from left to right, I used two Lia skins and the right side is an Irene.  For all your freckle lovers, Irene is the one you want.  Rack recreates all the makeups in freckles.  Another growing trend is smudged and tear-smeared mascara, Imagen has one of those too in each tone. 

Enough with the makeups (altho I love them!). Let’s talk about the body and shading.  At first pass, I nothing really stood out.  No flaws, seams or blemishes.  There are three soft moles on the face which really adds personality and charm.  The freckles for the Irene collection extend down the body, not just the face and chest.

The nipples and other regions are shaded very well and give a subtle dimension of realism.  Even the bellybutton looks to have depth with all the right shading and highlighting.  The spine is slightly too heavily shaded but in photos it helps accent the curvature of the back.  For everyday it might be too much but great for those theartrical-like pics.  


In my opinion, there is a beauty and soft allure to these skins.  Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this line and expect more great skins from Imagen


Skins Used:
(IS) Lia – Este – Rosa
(IS) Lia – Este – Fiesta
(IS) Lia – Este – Aguamarina
(IS) Irene – Este – Natural Eyeliner

Hair: ETD Tiana – White
Lingerie: (The New Zero) I Mean Business: Lingerie, Pink/White

*Other wig colors work just fine with these skins.  To help tell my story and thoughts for the review, white is what I felt worked best.

Plurked: http://www.plurk.com/p/fifj0

1 Comment to “*Review* Imagen Skins”

  • I LOVE the Imagen skins and I’ve been living in them non stop lately. The freckled ones are to die for. Hoping for more makeups soon! *fingers crossed*

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