*Review* Laqroki ~ Skins

I’m sorta embarassed to say this, but, I’m a Laqroki skin virgin.  Sure I’ve seen and demo’d their skins in the past but never owned one.  If you are like me and only have their clothing and hair but no skin, go check out this new line.

Mallory Cowen of Laqroki released this past weekend a new line of skins called Elin Glow.  I’m so excited to have this as my first Laqroki skin. Now we all know that I’m completely attracted to a skin for the makeup. This one is different. It was the body shading that really make me take a second look.

When I got the skin pack, I immediately started to flip through them.  Sure, at first they all were pretty and wow’d me.  Not until the second day of wearing these did it really hit me, these are good skins.  Not just the kind for here on the blog or for pics but an everyday kinda skin good.

For me, the chest and stomach are the two regions that made me want to see the skins in different outfits and lighting.  That’s the true test – wearablity.  If I can’t wear the skin in several different settings, its not worth buying.  These are so worth it.  I think I’ve managed to wear them in the last several post during the weekend. 

As far as the makeup goes, its more on the natural side.  Soft hints of color for the eyes and lips.  The lip tones range from shimmery pinks to a beautiful red matte and this coppery tone that will be so yummy for the fall!

The eye shadows are just as subtle with upper lid softly highlighted with white or pale tones.  To me, it looks like the same eyeliner is carried throughout the collection I was able to review.  This eyeliner is my style, dramatic but not overboard on the heaviness. 

I urge you to see these skins in person.  Pick up a demo for yourself and see it with your own shape, clothing and lighting.  Surely, you will be just as impressed as me. 


LAQ ~ Elin 02 [Peach] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Elin 04 [Peach] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Elin 05 [Peach] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Elin 12 [Peach] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Elin 09 [Peach] Glow skin

Hair: Exile Gwen chocolate
Eyes: MMS-Deep Blue Eyes

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