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Monicuzza Babenco and Monyka Benellico-own YourSkin & YourShape.  The store is filled with skins, shapes, eyes, lashes and jewelry.  All the items are very reasonably priced and of high quality. 

Monicuzza shared with me a few of her latest skin releases.  The one I used for this review is called Corinne.  Each of the tones have their own names.  Corinne is the mid-tone that is on the tanner more bronzed tone of the collection. All the tones are beautifully crafted with the same softness.

The makeups of the line are very subtle with little difference between them.  Each come with a freckled and hair options.

The freckles do cascade down the chest making it a more natural appearance.  The facial freckles are more apparent with the ones on the rest of the body are faded. I’m a huge freckle fan and so happy to see a non-patterned freckled skin. 

Once I stopped drooling over the freckles, I couldn’t decide on what makeups to show off.  Like I said earlier, there isn’t a big variance between the offered makeups.  Its rare to find a complete collection that I like.  Its one of my pet-peeves to have one or more skins in a fat pack that I don’t like.

The makeups are full of rich tones and beautifully lined eyes.  The lips shades are in a matte finish.  Something unique as many other designers are more focused on a glossy lip.  Its rather refreshing for me to see this change.

With this tone, I noticed the nails are slightly brighter than needed.  Potentially on the lighter tones its not as noticeable. On the darker tones, it looks like a nice french manicure.  There are work around for fixing this issue, like tossing on a colored manicure so its not that big of a deal. Another pet-peeve of mine is the ears. In this tone, the ears have a few lowlights of browns and golds that could be brighten for a more softer appeal to match better with the face.  Hopefully in future releases this will be taken into consideration for a slight revamping.

My overall opinion for this skin, Corrine, is that its well done.  Only a few minor things to update for upcoming lines.  All in all is a well done skin that is seamless and boasts of stunning makeups.

YourSkin & YourShape

Skins Used
*YourSkin* – 01 – Corinne_Basic_Natural_NH
*YourSkin* – 05 – Corinne_Autumn_Red_Freckles
*YourSkin* – 07 – Corinne_Green_Gold
*YourSkin* – 09 – Corinne_Smokey_Natural
*YourSkin* – 11 – Corinne_Smokey_Rose_Freckles

Products Used
Hair: ETD Chalisa II – Chestnut
Eyes: *YourSkin* – BrightEyes_blue_4
Lashes: Pretty Prim Lashes – wear me – long  – Black
Lingerie: <3 LoveLace~ Applique: Black

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