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There has been a ton of buzz about the new releases from PXL.  Hart Larsson, PXL‘s owner, shared with me one of the new lines called Efe.  Shortly before this release, I found PXL and instantly fell head over heels.  There are a ton of makeup options jammed into each of the lines.  It took me some time and many visits to pick the couple of skins I wanted when I first found this store many months ago.

Efe is one of the darker tones I have seen from PXL. Quite refreshing to see this diversity in a skin designer’s offering.  Another noticeable trait is the overall creamyness.  Normally I wear Linda, a lighter PXL tone where the skin is much more forgiving for blending.  Efe, being a much darker selection, is not as welcoming to the heavier shading. Like most dark tones, it is difficult to create the same subtlities that we enjoy in the lighter shades.  Does this make this line undesireable? Not in the least!

The makeups are quite appealing and unique. With the dark canvas, the cateye liner promotes such a sexy appeal to the overall face.  I think one of my favorite makeups I saw has to be the darklips and glossy eyes.  I think its the appeal to have the white toned eyeshadows with that dark skin.  So stunning!

Potentially you aren’t looking for such a dark tone but are looking for a sunkiss or a more pale skin, check out PXL.  With the wide range of makeups and tone offering, there is surely something that will catch your eye.  Perhaps you will be like me, making frequent visits to pick the right one or three or five skins…



Skins Used
[PXL] Efe LT CopperLips CatEyes
[PXL] Efe LT DarkLips GlossyEyes
[PXL] Efe LT PinkLips SmokeEyes
[PXL] Efe LT GlossyLips NudeEyes
[PXL] Efe LT RedLips SmokeEyes

Products Used
Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Hazel
Eyes: []::Tuli::[]  blue eyes smaller
Lashes: MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Diva
Lingerie: *Shai* Soleil Lingerie Set BloodOrange

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